Full-Blown Waterfall Seen Pouring Into D.C. Metro Station During Rush Hour

Amazing images posted to social media show the rushing water during a bad storm in our nation's capital.

At the height of evening rush hour Tuesday, a Washington, D.C. metro station was overtaken over by a torrent of water.

An intense and fast-moving storm hit the nation's capital and the Cleveland Park Metro station was inundated with water in just a few minutes.

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The storm brought on hail, rain and flash flooding. The escalators at the Cleveland Park station turned into waterfalls as flooding gushed through the area.

Passengers waded through a foot of water in some places and climbed up the escalator’s current as it continued to pour down.

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People took to social media to share amazing video and pictures.

You have GOT to be kidding. Don't go chasing waterfalls at the Cleveland Park metro @wmata @unsuckdcmetro #Unreal pic.twitter.com/LwNqxQNMmN

— Christin Fernandez (@Senorita_Dez) June 21, 2016

Waterfall at Cleveland Park Metro west side #wmata #Unsuckmetro pic.twitter.com/5aud0ILrPE

— Dr. Darryl W Roberts (@dwresearch) June 21, 2016

The WMTA closed the station for several hours Tuesday. Incredibly, it reopened the following morning.

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