Pedals, The Bear That Walks On 2 Legs, is Back And Taking a Stroll Around New Jersey Neighborhood

Pedals was seen for the first time since December.

Pedals  the amazing bear that walks like a human  is back in his two-legged glory as he walks on his hind legs in Oak Ridge, New Jersey.

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Pedal's nickname comes from the word bipedal, meaning he walks upright like a person would.

Due to an injury to his front legs, Pedals is forced to stand up straight. In some footage it looks as if he is missing his front paw.

He made his mark on social media last summer after a New Jersey resident filmed him walking around like a person.

The black bear was last seen in December and many believed he would recover during his months of hibernation.

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Wildlife officials say he seems to be in good health and has adapted to his injuries.

Dolly Petrocino, 85, saw Peddles going in and out of her neighbor’s shed and believes she is the mother of two cubs that she saw in the same spot.

“She was protecting her cubs,” the woman said.

Bear expert Shane Hobel told Inside Edition: “Based on how it is moving it is very apprehensive and it is very nervous. I would be too. It is injured and we need to address that. It is coming into easy environments where food is easily accessible.”

There had been talk of moving Pedals to an animal sanctuary last year but officials say as long as he's able to get around, the "upright" citizen bear should stay where he is.

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