Chicago Hit With Severe Weather, Soaking City and Soldier Field Stadium

An soccer game was delayed for 2 hours following the severe weather in the area.

Video has shown the intense storm that slammed the Windy City Wednesday night.

Thunderstorms interrupted the Copa America soccer semi-final between Chile and Colombia for nearly two hours at Soldier Field.

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The first half of the game was played as the storm rolled in, but by halftime, officials delayed the match over weather concerns.

Fans were told to seek shelter immediately as rain poured down in buckets.


The rain flooded the concourse and parts of the massive stadium that was packed with more than 61,000 fans.

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Before the game could resume, groundskeepers pushed the water off the field in waves.

At 10:25 p.m. local time, the game resumed. As players ran around the pitch, excess water flew off the ground and around their feet, causing extremely slippery and soggy conditions.

In a strange moment of the match, a streaker turned the field into a Slip and Slide as he ran onto the field, creating a hilarious situation and he and security tumbled across the soggy pitch. The invader was later apprehended by security. 

Chile beat Colombia 2-0 to advance to the finals in New Jersey on Sunday where they will play Argentina.

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