Photographer Defends Recreating Scenes From 'The Walking Dead' With Kids

Alana Hubbard says not every photo of a child has to be "lollipops and gumdrops."

The photographer who captured kids recreating scenes from The Walking Dead in disturbing photos is speaking out amid outcry over her images of bloodied children brandishing weapons.

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Alana Hubbard, owner of Mother Hubbard Photography, is a big fan of the show.

“Not every photo of kids has to be lollipops and gumdrops,” she told Inside Edition.

During the fourth season of the AMC hit, a little girl was executed and told to “look at the flowers”

Hubbard recreated the scene with her kid subjects as well as another scene in which character Darryl Dixon leads a pack of zombies away on his motorcycle.

Alana got quite a reaction after posting the photos on social media.

"This is disgusting teaching children how to shoot someone in the head," read one comment.

"This is wrong on so many levels," said another.

Facebook actually shut down her page for 72 hours.

“All the kids are having fun,” she said. “It's all pretend, no one's hurt, the tracks are inactive; we're having fun and photographing it.”

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She put out an open casting call and got an incredible response at a recent shoot in New Jersey. More than 30 kids and their parents showed up, some from as far away as Boston.

“Everybody's having a blast, they had a blast at the last shoot and so, she wanted to come again,” Hubbard said.

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