I'm Bat-Mad: Ben Affleck Goes on Profanity-Laced Deflategate Tirade Defending Tom Brady

The actor/director blew up while defending pal Tom Brady during an interview, but was he drunk?

He may play a good guy onscreen, but ask Ben Affleck about deflategate and he's Gone Baby Gone.

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The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice actor launched a high-pitched, obscenity-laced rant as the very first guest on the new HBO talk show, Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons. 

While commenting about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and deflategate, Affleck let loose.

"The ultimate bulls*** f***ing outrage of sports, ever,” he declared. It's so f***ing stupid that I can't believe."

The Oscar winner dropped 19 F-bombs and appeared to be slurring his words in the nearly five-minute rant.

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Some media outlets wondered whether Affleck sounded a tad inebriated.

Former NYPD police officer Thomas Verni, an expert in field sobriety tests, watched the video and told Inside Edition: "He just seemed to be extraordinarily excitable and just using a lot of profanity and vulgarity. That aspect is not what we are used to seeing." 

The show’s host defended his guest on Twitter saying:

Affleck later took to Twitter Thursday to talk about the interview.

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