Foot Fetish Coach

Foot fetish videos apparently featuring New York Jets coach Rex Ryan's wife went viral.

"Mind if I touch them?"

A recording is said to have the voice of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan baring his 'sole' over his wife Michelle's pretty feet.   

Several foot fetish videos all apparently featuring Ryan's wife of 23 years, were discovered on a fetish website.  

They soon went viral, causing the Jets excruciating embarrassment after a whole season of humiliating incidents.

The New York Post called it "The agony of de-feet."

A very uncomfortable looking Ryan tiptoed around the issue as reporters asked humiliating questions about the videos.

"Obviously, I knew these questions were coming.  This is a personal matter and I'm not going to discuss it."

Many commentators are toe-tally sympathetic. They are, after all, a married couple.

On the view, Elizabeth Hasselback bared her own feet in solidarity.  "I'll take a man and his wife in a foot fetish video over a man and his mistress any day."

It's the latest fumble for The Jets.  First, a Mexican TV reporter claimed she was sexually harassed by Jets players.

Then it was revealed former quarterback Brett Favre bombarded reporter Jenn Sterger with voicemails and text messages in 2008.

And just two weeks ago a Jets conditioning coach intentionally tripped the Miami Dolphins' Nolan Carroll during a game.