This Dog May Be the World's Oldest Pooch... and You Won't Believe Who She Belongs To

Tara is an astounding 25 years old.

Could this be the oldest pooch in the world?

Meet Tara, age 25, making her 175 in human years.

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And her owner is Burt Ward, who played Robin in the 1960s hit TV series "Batman."

Ward, who played the caped crusader's sidekick for three seasons, has spent the past 22 years caring for dogs. He and his wife, Tracy, live with 50 canines at their home in Norco, California. 

All were rescued.

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Tara is Ward's favorite and he credits her long life to a dog food he makes himself called Gentle Giants. It is low-fat, non-greasy canine chow he sells commercially and is also the name of the rescue and adoption refuge he runs on his property.

Feeding all his animals costs $14,000 a month  which covers about 600 pounds of food.

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