Protester Hands Out Red Golf Balls With Swastikas on Them at Trump Event

It was the work of a notorious British prankster who has pulled these stunts before.

Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland is sparking controversy as one protester was found handing out golf balls painted with swastikas.

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The presumptive GOP presidential nominee was in the country to reopen his golf course in the town of Turnberry when British comedian Lee Nelson handed out the red painted balls with the Nazi insignia painted on them to spectators.

Trump took the podium to speak and told his staff to “get him out.”

Nelson, who was wearing a “Trump Turnberry” sweater and looked like a member of the staff, was whisked away by security.

The prankster is no stranger to controversy. Last year he crashed Kanye West’s performance at England’s Glastonbury music festival and also threw fake money at FIFA’s former scandal-ridden president, Sepp Blatter, at a press conference in July.

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Trump and his staff were prepared for protestors, yet, according to the billionaire, only 43 showed up.

He told a reporter at Turnberry: “I almost delayed this. You know, by the way, they said there were going to be 2,000 protesters. There turned out, we counted them  43! 43! And they're way over there. The police did a great job, but there were — it was nothing much to do, frankly.

“There were 43, just on the record, because we heard there were going to be thousands of protesters — 43. And my members are very happy with Donald Trump, I can tell you. Is that a correct statement? They love Donald Trump.”

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