Mysterious Condition Leaves Texas Woman With British Accent After Waking Up From Jaw Surgery

Lisa Lamia has never been to London, but you wouldn't know it if you heard her speak.

A 33-year-old woman born and bred in Texas sounds like she's from England, despite never having traveled there.

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Lisa Alamia told Inside Edition: "I have never been to England. I have never been to any European country." 

The mom of three underwent jaw surgery to fix an overbite, and when she woke up, she sounded as if she was from across the pond.

She was diagnosed with a bizarre medical condition known as “Foreign Accent Syndrome.”

Dr. Toby Yaltho, her neurologist, told Inside Edition: "I was skeptical at first, trying to determine if it was real. We wanted to make sure this was not a psychiatric disorder." 

Alamia insists that her accent is "not fake. It is an actual syndrome and because it is so rare and so unheard of, people think it is easier to say 'she is faking it.'"

Her husband said her new accent did "freak him out at first." Now, he finds it "hilarious." 

Foreign Accent Syndrome is extremely rare. Only 100 cases have been reported.

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Like Alamia, Karen Butler has the syndrome. She is from Oregon but she sounds Irish following dental surgery.

"She’ll say something and we have no idea what she is trying to refer to," he daughter said.

In another case, CindyLou Romberg of Washington state, speaks with a Russian accent following a car collision.

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