Suspect Murders Man After Removing Fake Leg on Which Ankle Monitoring Was Installed: Cops

A technician who fitted Green with his monitoring device reportedly installed the device on his prosthetic leg, not realizing the limb was fake.

A Washington, D.C., man confined to his home was allegedly able to elude authorities and fatally shoot someone after a technician placed a GPS tracking device on his prosthetic leg, according to reports.

Quincy Green, 34, was outfitted with an ankle monitor after he was ordered in April to remain in his home while awaiting trial on a gun possession charge, WUSA reported.

A technician from California-based company Sentinel who fitted Green with his monitoring device reportedly installed it on his prosthetic leg, apparently not realizing the limb was a fake.  

Green is accused of removing the leg and using a spare to leave his home. After leaving, he allegedly shot and killed Dana Hamilton on May 14.

Hamilton, 44, was found shot to death on May 14 on a Southern Avenue sidewalk in Southeast DC.

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Green allegedly left the device-toting limb at home, leading authorities to believe he was at his South Capitol Street apartment the entire time, WUSA wrote.

"The device barely moved” as Green allegedly sought out Hamilton before shooting and killing him outside an apartment building where the victim’s family used to live, according to the arrest affidavit viewed by the Washington Post

“I’m just so hurt and I just hope I can deal with it,” the victim’s mother, Leslie Hamilton, said. “This is the worst that’s really happened to me all my life and I’m 72 years old.”

“Why would they put it on a prosthetic leg?! When it was supposed to go on the person’s real leg?” asked the heartbroken mother, with whom Hamilton lived, WUSA reported.

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Cops reportedly searched for six days for clues to who may have killed Hamilton before someone tipped them off about Green. 

Surveillance footage reviewed by investigators allegedly showed the gunman had “an obvious limp,” Fox 5 reported.

A spokesman for Sentinel told the Washington Post that the technician who fitted Green with his device did not follow protocol and put the device over his sock, not realizing the leg was prosthetic.  

Law enforcement officials say they were also frustrated by the tragic oversight.

“Now we have this young man and [he] eventually kills someone,” said Russ Mullins, an Executive Shop Steward with the Fraternal Order of Police. “What do you say to the family?”

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