Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Actress Natalie Mendoza Quits

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark actress Natalie Mendoza has left the troubled production, saying she fears for her safety. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Natalie Mendoza has left the $65 million Broadway production Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

She played the villainess Arachne in the show, which has been plagued by safety problems.

Mendoza suffered a concussion in November; she is one of four performers to be injured so far.  

"I've been covering Broadway for 20 years and I have never seen a disaster of this epic size," says theater critic Michael Riedel.

Mendoza's announcement comes just days after disturbing video of Spider-Man aerial stuntman Christopher Tierney falling 30 feet during a preview show was seen around the world.

Mendoza was said to have "freaked out" backstage.

She tweeted: "Please pray with me for my friend Chris, my superhero."   

Mendoza's own injuries, a concussion caused by a flying rope, had left her in pain and feeling nauseous.

"Natalie Mendoza is still suffering the concussion and Christopher Tierney still has the three broken ribs. He is just about to get out of the hospital but he's going to be recuperating for quite awhile, and don't forget there's another actor named Kevin Aubin who broke his wrists during rehearsal and Kevin Aubin still has his wrists in casts, he cannot feed himself, he cannot bathe himself, and he cannot clothe himself," Riedel tells INSIDE EDITION.

Mendoza appeared in the movie Moulin Rouge playing sexy dancer China Doll.

Her departure from the show, the most expensive in Broadway history, could trigger an exodus of other performers also afraid for their lives.

"I'll tell you something, if there is another injury this show is finished," says Riedel.