Columbus Zoo Locked Down After Bear Escaped Enclosure

Officials at the Columbus Zoo got something of a scare on Saturday when a bear made a break from her cage.

Staff at the Columbus Zoo got something of a scare on Saturday after a bear broke loose from its enclosure and made it out into the zoo grounds.

The 7-month-old female black bear made the break at around 11:15, officials at the renowned Ohio zoo said in a statement.

"The Zoo called for immediate lockdown of the Zoo which is our normal protocol," officials said. 

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All guests were moved to safety during the lockdown procedure.

Fortunately, the lockdown was quickly downgraded and business remained as usual everywhere in the 580 acre facility.

After theh zoo’s Emergency Response Team assessed the situation, the bear was tranquilized by 11:30 a.m.

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At no point were zoo visitors in danger, officials said.

A zoo spokewoman told the Associated Press that two black bear cubs were being moved into a new habitat when one of them somehow got out of the enclosure.

The bear cub is one of two that were placed at the zoo after they were found orphaned in the wild several months ago.

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