Paramedic Proposes to Fellow EMT Girlfriend During New York City's Pride Parade

The blushing bride-to-be has since changed her Facebook profile photo to one of her kissing her fiance.

These FDNY emergency medical technicians are celebrating more than pride at New York City's annual parade —  they are also reveling in a surprise engagement.

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According to EMT Julianna Arroyo from FDNY Station 20 in the Bronx, marching in the parade was especially important to her and her girlfriend Erika Marrero, who is also an EMT for the FDNY, in light of the recent Orlando nightclub shooting.

"It hit really close to home for us," Arroyo said in a Facebook post by the New York City Fire Department. "We wanted to walk in the parade in honor of the 49 victims.

At the same time, I wanted to give Erika something positive to remember from the parade," Arroyo continued.

So, surrounded by fellow uniformed firefighters and a sea of rainbow flags, Arroyo got down on one knee to propose to the unsuspecting Marrero.

The crowd cheered as Arroyo put the ring on Marrero's finger, and the two kissed and hugged to solidify their new engagement.

The blushing bride-to-be has since changed her Facebook profile photo to one of her and her fiancé kissing, with the words, "Future Mrs."

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The two EMTs are among the many who celebrated new engagements in pride marches around the globe.

At London's pride event, a uniformed police officer can be seen straying from the line up, and dropping to one knee to propose to his unsuspecting boyfriend who watched the parade from behind the barricade.

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