It's Raining Ducks: See Humans Try to Save Ducklings Throwing Themselves Off Beer Garden Roof

"It was like playing centerfield for the Yankees," said an employees catching ducks with his hat.

This momma duck is not waiting around for stragglers.

The fowl had laid her eggs at the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and when they hatched, she wasted no time pulling up stakes and heading for the water.

She lined up her seven new offspring in a row on the roof, and jumped.

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Her quacking little tribe followed, much to the amusement of tavern owner Jennifer Lampert and sous chef Tim Spielman.

“It was an incredible, strange experience,” Lampert told Inside “Ducks falling from the sky and jumping.”

Spielman used his baseball cap as an impromptu fireman’s trampoline, catching two ducklings on their way down.

“Timmy said it was like playing centerfield for the Yankees,” Lampert said.

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On the ground, the mom waddled off, leaving the seven to trail in her wake. Eventually they caught up, despite a curb that was taller than they are, and joined their mother duck at the edge of a lake.

Again, mom jumped, leaving her babies to stare in wonderment at the sheer drop that separated them.

Lampert and her colleagues watched and filmed with their cell phones as each duckling —  one-by-one — took a leap and landed in the water, where they swam away behind big momma.

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