'Til Data Do Us Part: Man Marries His Cell Phone in Vegas Chapel

He liked it, so he put a ringtone on it.

Something borrowed, something bluetooth. A California man headed to Sin City last month to marry the love of his life: His cell phone.

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Aaron Chervenak of Los Angeles donned a tux and his device had a white plastic case as they got married in a ceremony at the Little Vegas Chapel.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it is filmed and posted on YouTube, where the whole world gets to see what you did.

With a specially crafted ring on the back of the phone case, Chervenak was able to slip his finger into it, thus becoming one with the device.

The video, posted on YouTube by Kaspersky Lab UK, may feel like a sequel to the 2013 Oscar-winning film Her — when a man falls in love with his mobile device, but this was crafted to show how humans are not intertwined with their phones more than ever.

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“In a sense my smartphone has been my longest relationship,” Chervenak said in the video. “What I hope my wedding will do is somehow act as a symbolic gesture to show how precious our phones are becoming in our daily lives.”

The event was non-legally binding so if the phone wants to bail on its husband, it can deactivate the relationship at any time. He's also free to see other cell phones when he's due for an upgrade. 

There is no word as to where they will honeymoon. 

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