A Year After Cop Wrestled Teen to the Ground, She's Angry He's Not Been Charged: 'They Let Him Off'

Dajerria Becton plans to sue former police officer Eric Casebolt and the McKinney Police Department.

The 15-year-old bikini-clad teen who was wrestled to the ground by a police officer at the Texas pool party last year has spoken out.

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Dajerria Becton said she was enjoying the pool party when dozens of uninvited guests showed up.

“I was just really shocked and confused. These boys were hopping over the gate because they wouldn’t let them in,” she told Inside Edition.

Security at the community pool called police and that's when things got ugly. Officer Eric Casebolt tackled and wrestled Becton to the ground in a move caught on video. He then restrained her by kneeling on her back.

“I was terrified what he was going to do to me,” Becton said.

Tracey Carver was also caught up in the chaos and accused of shouting racial slurs at the kids. She says she got death threats and was forced to leave town. She relocated to California.

“I intervene to break it up,” she claims. “My kids were terrified. You can hear them screaming. I was trying to diffuse the situation.”

She says she did not use racial slurs in the uproar.

Officer Eric Casebolt was suspended after footage of the melee went viral.

Last week, a grand jury decided he would not be charged with a crime. He has since resigned from the department.

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“It makes me angry,” Becton said. “They just let him off. There should have been consequences.”

Becton’s attorney Kim Cole says she plans to file a lawsuit against the cop and the town of McKinney, Texas.

“What Eric Casebolt did was excessive, unnecessary and inappropriate,” the lawyer said.

At a community meeting Monday night, the police chief reassured people that a lot has been learned from the pool party mayhem.

The chief assured: “We have policies in place. We have solid policies in place. We have to make sure our practices match our policies.”

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