Daughters Beg Their Mother to Spare Their Lives in Chilling 911 Calls: 'Please Don't Shoot!'

Three calls were made to 911 before, during and after Christy Sheats killed her daughters in the street.

Chilling 911 recordings have been released from the scene of Friday's mother-daughter shootings in Texas.

Authorities released three 911 calls that were made before, during and after police say Christy Sheats killed 17-year-old Madison and 22-year-old Taylor in front of her suburban Houston home.

In the first, screams can be heard from one of Sheats' daughters.

"Please! Forgive me! Please! Don't shoot!" she cries. "Don't point that gun at her!"

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The girls' father, Jason Sheats, is heard pleading: "Please, I'm sorry. I promise you, whatever you want..."

The call then drops without anyone speaking to the operator. 

In a press conference held by the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday afternoon, authorities revealed that Christy Sheats had been hospitalized three times following suicide attempts.

Prior to the murders, police said Sheats called a family meeting. Jason Sheats told police he believed it was to discuss their divorce.

A second call came from Taylor Sheats' phone. In that call, a woman seems to say, "She shot 'em."

The third call came from a neighbor, who described the haunting scene to police. 

"There's a lady with a gun," the caller said. "They're lying in the street, in the middle of the street."

Mr. Sheets told police that Christy had been given the gun by her deceased grandfather. He said she applied for and was denied a license to carry, which police are working to verify.

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After Christy Sheats emptied her gun, she went inside to reload then returned to shoot her daughter Taylor again, she said.

"She shot her again. She shot her again... She shot her from the back," the neighbor said.

Authorities soon arrived to the scene. They say they shot Christy Sheats dead when she failed to comply with their orders to put down the gun. Madison was found dead and Taylor later died in hospital.

Police said at Wednesday's press conference Mrs. Sheats had a history of mental illness and was prescribed multiple medications for the condition at the time of the shootings.

Mr. Sheats survived the incident unharmed and told police he believed he'd been spared so that he would live on to suffer.

Sheats told police his late wife accomplished what she'd set out to do.

"Mr. Sheats will have to live the rest of his life with this terrible memory," Troy E. Nehls said.

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