2-Month-Old Kitten Is Feline Good, Despite Being Thrown From a Moving Car

Authorities have no indication of who threw 2-month-old Bridgette from the car, but declared she was given a clean bill of health after rescue.

A kitten tossed out of the window of a moving car onto a busy bridge could have resulted in a cat-astrophe, but thanks to a police officer and a Good Samaritin, the feline is on her way to recovery.

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Delaware River Port Authority Officer Richie Ridolfi told InsideEdition.com that he was going the opposite direction over the Walt Whitman Bridge connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey last week when he got the call.

"We received a call from a motorist stating they saw someone throw a kitten out of their window on the bridge heading into New Jersey," Ridolfi said. "We have no idea who the tosser was or what type of vehicle."

To reach the kitten, he said, "I jumped over the central barrier."

Jean Finizio, who was driving over the bridge at the time, said she slowed down her car as she saw the cat. When she stopped, "[the cat] jumped into the wheel well of the car," Ridolfi said.

The officer then removed his belt and vest, and attempted to crawl under the car to get a better look.

"Being so scared, it continued to crawl further into the undercarriage of the car," he said.

As they noticed traffic begin to build up behind the stopped car, Ridolfi and Finizio decided to move the car to a safer location by driving as slowly as possible.

Once the car was off the bridge, Ridolfi said he and another officer kept trying to reach the kitten until finally, "she ran out and we were able to grab her."

"Fittingly, I named her Bridgette (Bridge-ette) since that's where we reached her," he joked. "She would have been Walt, if she were a boy."

Of course, the battle to rescue the kitten Ridolfi estimated to be around 2 months old was not yet over.

They rushed her to the Philadelphia Animal Hospital, where Ridolfi offered to pay the vet expenses.

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"I fed her, got her dewormed, defleaed, checked her for feline AIDS, leukemia and got her bathed," he said. "[I] covered it all to ensure she would be fully healthy and ready to go to a home where she would be taken care of."

He then shared her image on Facebook and eventually found a loving family to adopt the rescued kitten.

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