'Vapor Wake Dogs' Take Bomb-Sniffing to New Level: 'They Are the Best Bomb-Detecting Tool We Have'

Meet the bomb-sniffing pooches that can zero in on explosives that are mobile or in a crowded area.

There is new line of defense against the forces of evil, and it could save countless lives.

A "vapor wake dog" is specially-trained to detect explosives when they are in motion or in a crowd, making the task of defending public places like an airport, parks and train terminals safer for travelers

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The dogs can home in on the scent of an explosive device and follow the vapor, tracking it right to the source  even from a distance.

Vapor wake dogs hold an advantage over traditional bomb-sniffing dogs, which can only detect bombs that are right up close and stationary. 

Inside Edition followed a dog named Rachel that went on the vapor hunt during a test with police.

Police put fake explosives in a bag to demonstrate how vapor wake dogs can pinpoint the source of a bomb, even when it’s moving.

It was a success as Rachel successfully tracked the scent and followed the trainee

“Having vapor wake dogs here makes the entire system safer because we can scan thousands of people without stopping the flow of traffic,” one officer told Inside Edition. “They are the best bomb-detecting tool that we have.”

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New York City subways are even safer today given with the use of vapor wake dogs that can identify explosive devices in a large crowd of people.

They can even detect the scent when a perpetrator is long gone.

But vapor wake dogs are a rare breed, as only about 15 percent of bomb-sniffing dogs have senses keen enough to make the cut.

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