Volunteers Rescue 200-Pound Sea Turtle That Had Flipped Over On The Beach

The female sea turtle was found wedged in a rock formation and rescued by volunteers.

Nesting season proved to be incredibly dangerous for one sea turtle, but thankfully she had a few guardian mammals on land.

A female loggerhead was found wedged in a natural rock formation along the ocean side of Blowing Rocks Preserve in Martin County, Florida, Monday.

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The thousand-foot long rock formation is considered a natural danger to sea turtles when they nest on land.

“The turtle came up and had been turned around,” Mike Renda, a biologist for The Nature Conservancy, told InsideEdition.com. “She came in a slightly different way than when she entered, causing her to flip over upside down in the rock formation.”


According to Renda, about five sea turtles are stranded on the rock formation during nesting season each year.

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"This particular sea turtle is a reproductively active female,” said Renda. “They lay several nests every year.”

'Morning' volunteers from the Blowing Rocks Preserve, a program under The Nature Conservancy in Florida, spotted the female loggerhead and immediately covered the animal with towels and water to prevent her from overheating.

The volunteers contacted The FWC and Wildlife Research Institute for extra hands to help lift the 200-pound sea turtle out of the rocks and send her back home.

Nature Conservancy Florida volunteer, Brenda Lines, protected the loggerhead from the deadly rocks while assistance arrived. 

Thanks to the dedicated volunteers, the turtle regained her sea legs and gallantly made her way back into the ocean.  

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