Forget Lemonade! For Just 25 Cents, This 8-Year-Old Is Selling a Refreshing History Lesson

Instead of playing outside with his friends, Gabe Fulmerhouser prefers to teach history lesson in a stand in front of his home in exchange for a quarter.

School's out for the summer, but for this 8-year-old boy, class is in session.

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Gabe Fulmerhouser of Jackson, Michigan, has taken to setting up a stand outside his home.

For only a quarter, the 8-year-old's clients can expect not lemonade, but an even more refreshing lesson on history.

"Since I have so much knowledge and I can't be a history teacher, I came up with this," Gabe said in an interview with WLNS.

“One day he just came down and he said, "Mom I would like to make a booth, and for 25 cents, tell history,” said Gabe’s mom, Lesli Fulmerhouser.

Instead of playing sports with his friends, Fulmerhouser said, "he wants to tell war stories."

Fittingly so, both his father and grandfather have served in the U.S. Military.

Each history lesson costs a quarter, although Gabe said clients are welcome to pay or donate more: "If they paid me more, I'd have to tell them a lot."

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His favorite lesson to teach is the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the subsequent inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson.

So far, Gabe has earned a total of $7.30, but he guarantees that every penny will be donated to veterans or his church.

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