Town in Uproar After Council Votes to Evict Library Cat From His Only Home

The town of White Settlement, Texas has found itself at a standstill after a city council decision to evict the public library's beloved cat, Browser.

Feline-friendly residents of a Texas town are fuming over a city council decision to kick out the library's beloved cat.

Various residents of White Settlement are rallying around Browser the library cat, who's been living at the town's book-filled building for the last six years.

The “mascot” of the White Settlement Public Library was rescued by library staff to eliminate the facility's mouse problem, and has since become its most celebrated staff member.

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“He’s the perfect cat for a library  he’s the perfect cat for everywhere,” Lillian Blackburn, president of Friends of White Settlement Public Library told

Browser is fully funded by the town itself through donations such as an annual Christmas calendar full of his pictures, and he is especially popular among children, who come to the library just to read to the feline that spends his days lounging among bookshelves.

“What does it say to do to that to a cat? To take him away from the life he’s known for six years? I know that would be devastating for a cat,” Blackburn said.

Blackburn said the decision came out of nowhere, when it appeared on the city council agenda, and to her disbelief, the council voted 2-1 to give Browser 30 days to vacate the only home he’s ever known, citing allergies as the reason.

Since then, the town has started a petition to reverse the decision, which has accumulated close to 700 signatures from Browser-believers of all ages, according to Blackburn.

Also sticking up for Browser are the town’s mayor, who has spoken out against the decision.

Mayor Ron White told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "That cat doesn't hurt anybody... The council just went out and did this on their own because they don't like cats."

Blackburn said Browser is an integral part of a building that stands for so much in the small town of White Settlement.

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"If I started to talk about how wonderful our library is I couldn’t stop. It’s a city center more than a library. I don’t know any place that does more for our town than this place,” Blackburn said.

Many hope Browser can continue to call his paper palace home, and despite the dozens of families willing to adopt him if he is kicked out, Blackburn continues to hold out hope.

“I haven’t done anything to actively find a way out of it, I was just hoping something would happen to overturn it. There are dozens maybe even more who would gladly take him, but we’re still hoping we don’t have to send him away,” said Blackburn.

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