Hidden Camera Footage Shows What Your Pets Really Do When You're Not Home

Ahead of the new film, "The Secret Life of Pets," the behavior of your dogs and cats may surprise you.

Have you ever wondered what your pet does when you're away from home?

The new animated film The Secret Life of Pets is a hysterical tale about what happens when owners are not around their animal companions, but does the film mirror reality?

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To find out, Inside Edition did some exploring to see what some pets are like when humans are not lurking around.

Most pets just hang out when left on their own. There's lots of sleeping and lounging. But for some cats and dogs, being home alone means party time.

One cat, Zeeka, was caught on hidden cameras discovering a bag of food on top of the refrigerator in her owner Carissa’s New York City apartment.

She tries to get into the package before realizing that knocking it off the fridge is the answer.

When Carissa watched the footage, she didn’t seem to mind one bit.

“I was like I know you can do it, he's so smart,” she said of her feline friend.

A 9-month-old puppy named Tyson goes wild when his owners, Santo and Jessica, leave their New Jersey home.

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Tyson goes after the wee wee pad first, ripping it to shreds. He also attacked a shoe, a flip flop and whatever else he can get his teething teeth into.

When the dog’s owners saw his actions, they thought it was adorable. While they didn't like the mess, they couldn't stay mad at Tyson for long.

“I know I shouldn’t laugh,” Jessica said. “It's bad but I love her so much.

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