Feces Flinging Suspect Busted After 2 Incidents Involving Women and Poop: Cops

Police now have a suspect in custody after two New York women said they were attacked with feces.

Police now have a suspect in custody after two New York women said they were attacked with feces.

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A 42-year-old black male was taken into custody after allegedly shoving a bag of poop into one woman's pants and grabbing her buttocks Monday evening, and flinging feces at another woman's face and torso earlier in the day.

The suspect was at a homeless shelter in Brooklyn when he was arrested, Officer Brian Magoolaghan from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner told InsideEdition.com. A tip allegedly led officers to search the location.

Magoolaghan said officers believe the two incidents are related, "based on the description of the perpetrator and because feces was involved."

Charges are currently pending on the suspect, but a press release stated the nature of the crime falls under forcible touching, and "there will likely be other charges as well," Magoolaghan told InsideEdition.com.

The arrest follows two Upper East Side incidents on Monday, where a woman was seen in surveillance footage walking along the sidewalk, when a man who appears to have been following her grabs her by the waistband, and shoves a bag of feces down her pants that he removed from his own pants.

He then pushes her aside, throws off a glove, and flees in an unknown direction.

It was later revealed a similar episode occured nearly four hours earlier, when a woman was also walking in the same neighborhood when she claimed a man flung poop on her face and torso.

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It is uncertain whether the poop originated from an animal or human, according to the NYPD, and it does not appear the man knew either of the women.

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