'Selfie Dad' Becomes Social Media Star After Taking On His Daughter's Sexy Style | Inside Edition

'Selfie Dad' Becomes Social Media Star After Taking On His Daughter's Sexy Style

Chris Martin has become a social media sensation after imitating his daughter's provocative poses and outfits.

The dad of a teenager mimicked his daughter’s sexy selfies, posting his own provocative photos that have taken the web by storm.

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Cassie Martin, 19, bared her midsection in one sultry selfie. Her dad, Chris, posed exactly the same way, baring his tummy in a crop top with a fake tattoo.

"I saw some of the pictures. They were kind of provocative," Chris told Inside Edition. He said he also read through some of the comments on the photos.

In another photo, Cassie snapped herself with dramatic eye makeup. So her father did the same. And when she struck a sexy pose in a plaid grunge shirt, showing some belly, dad did, too.

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Surprisingly, Cassie does not appear to be mortified by her father's actions.

"I thought it was funny. My friends love when he posts these kinds of photos,” Cassie told IE.
"He's a very comedic dad!” she said.

“Now with all the attention, is Cassie going to up the heat, just to make it a little harder for her dad to duplicate?

"I’m sure she’s probably going to try to up her game, which worries me," Chris said.

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