From a Highway Nap to Dealing With Noisy Kids, Check Out the Best Road Trip Hacks

With everyone heading out of town for the Fourth of July, the traffic might be a bit heavy, kids might get a bit stressful, and patience might wear thin.

With 36 million Americans sharing the road on the Fourth of July weekend, traffic will be heavy, the may be stressful, and patience might wear a bit thin, but one guru has tips for some relief.

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“Everybody’s headed somewhere Fourth of July and we are in tons of traffic,” lifestyle expert Erika Katz said.  

Katz has cobbled together a list of hacks to help make the ride all the more bearable, if not even enjoyable.

Hack No. 1: Bring a cooler

Katz said packing a cooler for your trip is not only a great way to store food and drinks, but can also serve as a handy surface to eat on.

“You can pack cold drink, sandwiches, anything you want and you can use it as a table,” she said.

Hack No. 2: Take a nap on a pool raft

If your travels require an extensive amount of driving, you might also be in need of a short cat nap, and if you bring along a pool float, you’ll have also have a temporary sleeping pad.

“Take a raft out of trunk, throw it in back seat of your car, and then you’ll have a nice cozy bed,” said Katz.

Hack No. 3: Pack snacks and drinks in safe containers

Katz recommends packing celery and peanut butter into a plastic container, or filling up an empty coffee creamer bottle with cereal for children to prevent spillage.

“It’s delicious, and the kids will love it,” Katz said.

If you bring along a cup without a top, subdue your concern over spillage by covering the top with plastic wrap, you can even punch a straw through the plastic.

Hack No. 4: Bring a DIY garbage can along with you

Nobody wants to worry about cleaning a mess while focusing on the road, and Katz said she has a quick fix for your trash concerns.

“Take a cereal container, put a plastic bag inside, put the top on, and look you have a great DIY garbage can,” Katz said.

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Finally, preparation is always key, and there’s can ruin a road trip like your car breaking down unexpectedly, which brings Katz to her final Hack…

Hack No. 5: Always bring jumper cables.

Katz suggests always making sure you have the cables and their instructions handy, in case you find yourself in a sticky situation.

“Keep the instructions in the glove compartment so you know how to use them,” said Katz.

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