Man With 44-Pound Arm Dreams of a Better Future: 'Why God? Why Are You Making Fun of Me?' | Inside Edition

Man With 44-Pound Arm Dreams of a Better Future: 'Why God? Why Are You Making Fun of Me?'

The 25-year-old man suffering from gigantism is largely unaccepted by society. Strangers on the street sometimes even blow smoke in his face, unprovoked.

This man from India has a big arm, but even bigger dreams.

Bablu Pashi from Allahbad, India, suffers from gigantism, a rare genetic condition that causes excessive growth of tissue. As a result, his right arm weighs an astonishing 44 pounds.

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The 25-year-old said his arm had been abnormally large since he was in his mother's womb, and continued growing as he aged. Because of his arm, he was cast out of his hometown.

He was called "devil child" frequently by his neighbors, Barcroft Media reported, and as a result, relocated to Mumbai for treatment, work and most importantly, acceptance.

But Pashi said his time in Mumbai has not been easier. "No one wants to help me in his city," he said. "If i go to some shop for work, they beat me and ask me to leave. They don't even let me in."

He now begs to be able to afford to eat, but life on the streets has been incredibly difficult. In a video by Barcroft Media, strangers on the street can be seen blowing smoke in Pashi's face, unprovoked.

Despondent, he can be heard asking, "Why God? Why are you making fun of me?"

Pashi dreams of an alternate world where he would be married and living with his wife and kids but, "women notice me but they turn a blind eye, or walk far away from me. Why would they even talk to me? They seen my condition and they prefer to stay away," he told Barcroft Media.

He also struggles with day-to-day activities, including washing up and walking.

"I walk for ten minutes, and then for ten minutes, I have to rest," he said. Of course, his 44-pound arm weighs him down.

However, his new life in the city exposed him to new opportunity, including a reconstructive surgery on his arm, even if a functioning hand will be hard to achieve.

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His doctors hope he can get some government assistance with the arm, including a handicapped certificate, but for now, it is unlikely for Pashi to be able to afford the $20,000 surgery.

Pashi said he will continue to dream of the day when he will have a normal arm, and a normal life, saying: "I will earn from my hard work, not begging. I will earn a good living and eat. I will build a home with my own efforts, and I'll live happy."

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