Lindsay Lohan's Probation Questioned While Her Dad Faces Health Scare

On her first day out of rehab, cops now say Lindsay Lohan violated her probation in that altercation with a Betty Ford staffer, meanwhile Lohan’s father faces a health scare. INSIDE EDITION has the latest Lohan drama.

Just one day out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan could be going back to jail for a probation violation.

Cops in Palm Desert, California now say Lindsay committed battery during a scuffle with an employee at the Betty Ford Center.

The investigation determined Ms. Lohan violated several aspects of her probation, including the battery [charge]," police said in a statement today.

A worker at the Betty Ford Clinic claims Lidnsay threw a phone at her and had alcohol on her breath and refused to take a breathalyzer test when she was caught coming home past curfew. The worker later recanted her claims but the police probe continued, and have now handed over the case to the local prosecutor for review.

Meantime, Lindsay is moving to a gorgeous house by the beach in trendy Venice, California. And you won't believe who she's moving next to. It's her ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

A photographer asked Ronson, "Samantha, you happy she's living next door?"

"Trust me, it wasn't planned," replied Ronson.

As moving vans deliver Lindsay's stuff, there's another drama in her life as her father faces a medical crisis.

INSIDE EDITION was there as Michael Lohan met with his doctor to find out if a skin lesion on the left side of his nose is cancerous. The 50-year-old admits he's had the abnormal growth for years and unfortunately ignored it.

"This one on my nose just keep getting worse and worse," said Lohan.

Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon Michael Persky says he'll have to cut out the lesion to see if Lohan has cancer and warns it doesn't look good.

"We have a high suspicion that this could be skin cancer. That's why we are cutting it out," said Dr. Persky.

The doctor numbs the area, then begins to operate. Minutes later, the questionable growth is removed.

"We're going to send this to the laboratory for anaylsis," said Dr. Persky.

The test results have just come back and we are happy to report the growth was not cancer. But Michael Lohan says it was a wakeup call to get things checked right away.