Man Faces Possible Amputation After Likely Fireworks Explosion in Central Park Mangles His Leg: Reports

What's being reported as an explosion rocked the famed green space on Sunday and a man was seriously injured after stepping on something that "exploded."

A man suffered serious injuries Sunday due to an explosion in New York's Central Park, according to multiple reports.

The victim's leg was injured while he climbed a rock and stepped on something that "exploded" near the corner of 5th Avenue and 68th Street just before 11 a.m.

BREAKING: Man Critically Injured, Loses Foot By Explosion In New York's Central Park. #CentralPark

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) July 3, 2016

Police are pointing to a fireworks mishap as the likely cause, according to CBS New York.

An FDNY spokesperson said it is a major injury and that it may involve a possible amputation.

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As the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital, NYPD began investigating what it was that exploded. A bomb-sniffing dog was seen entering rock area where the explosion took place.

Small explosion at Central Park leaves one man critically injured with severed foot or leg.

— Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF) July 3, 2016

Authorities closed off a section of Central Park near the Central Park Zoo as they work to verify the cause of the accident. 

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#BREAKING: Explosion in Central Park injures man on rocks after landing on something that blew up @CBSNewYork

— Magdalena Doris (@MagdalenaDoris) July 3, 2016

Twitter user and former New York Times colunist Sarah Maslin Nir described what she heard and saw, tweeting: 

"Outside Eli Wiesel's funeral I heard a huge explosion just now. Running into Central Park and found a young man with his left leg blown off."

While many reports and the time of years pointed to fireworks as the possible cause, investigators had not officially revealed what led to the explosion as of early Sunday afternoon.

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