Teen Plummets to His Death From 200-Foot Cliff While Hiking With Family | Inside Edition

Teen Plummets to His Death From 200-Foot Cliff While Hiking With Family

A 15-year-old boy is dead after falling from a cliff while on a hike with family in Utah on Sunday.

A teen boy is dead after a Fourth of July weekend hike with family turned into tragedy on Sunday.

The 15-year-old was hiking with a family member Sunday evening when they reached the top of a cliff just before 9 p.m., Hurricane City Police said in a statement.

While he stood at the edge, rocks under the boy's feet gave way, causing him to plummet 200 feet.

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The panicked family member called 911, but the boy was discovered dead when first responders arrived.

Washington County Search and Rescue also responded to the rugged area in southwest Utah to aid with the recovery of the body.

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According to Hurricane City police, there are no indicators of anything suspicious involved in this incident, but in any death, Investigators will conduct an investigation, which is ongoing.

As the family begins what will no doubt be a long and painful grieving process, Sgt. Brandon Buell with Hurricane City Police offered condolences from the department.

“The situation is very devastating and the impact of his death has rattled our community. Our deepest sympathy [goes out] to the family, friends, and community," he said.

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