66-Year-Old Bystander En Route to Anniversary Vacation Saves Woman From Smoking Car

"The vehicle, from what we were told, was completely destroyed by the fire," his wife said.

This long-married couple proves that anyone can be an everyday hero.

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Fred and Rosemary Villa from Abington, Massachusetts, were driving up to a Connecticut resort to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary when they noticed a smoking car slowing down traffic.

"We see up ahead a traffic jam and a lot [of] smoke. Car had just flipped and up in flames," Rosemary Villa wrote in a Facebook post.

That's when her 66-year-old husband rushed to the rescue.

The Villas pulled over the car, and Fred ran to the overturned car to save the woman trapped inside.

In a video Rosemary Villa shot from her car, her husband can be seen in a blue shirt and red shorts, dragging the woman to safety after cutting her seat belt, and freeing her from the car.

Bystanders then rushed in to help, Rosemary Villa told InsideEdition.com.

One man can be seen attempting to extinguish the fire, while at least eight other people tended to the woman, who appeared to be lying motionless on the ground.

"This woman escaped any severe injury, which is totally amazing," Rosemary Villa told InisdeEdition.com. "The vehicle, from what we were told, was completely destroyed by the fire."

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The Villas continued toward their anniversary getaway shortly after, as bystanders who were nurses, firefighters and EMTs assured them she was in good hands.

"Great ending to what could have been a tragic story because people cared enough to stop and help," she said.

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