Tucker Carlson Backtracks on Michael Vick Comment

Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson is backtracking from his recent statement that Michael Vick should have been executed for dog fighting. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"This is what happens when you get too emotional," says Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson, speaking about the firestorm of controversy over his remark that star quarterback Michael Vick should have been executed for dog fighting.  

"I'm a Christian and I've made mistakes myself. I believe fervently in second chances, but Michael Vick killed dogs and he did it in a heartless and cruel way, and I think personally he should have been executed for that," Carlson said on Fox News's Hannity after President Obama said Vick deserved a second chance.

"Anybody who takes the time to look into how he treated his dogs and personally tortured them to death gets upset and I overspoke. I'm uncomfortable with the death penalty under any circumstance. So of course I don't think he should be executed, but I do think what he did is truly appalling," says Carlson.  

But Carlson may have opened a new can of worms. When host Sean Hannity asked him if Vick deserved a chance at redemption, he said:

"A convicted child molester doesn't get to adopt kids."

"He didn't…" protested Hannity.

"Look, I'm just saying...look, I have a lot of doubts," Carlson added.