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Man Found in Bed With Lingerie Mannequin He Stole From Hustler Store: Cops

A Nashville man is accused of drunkenly dragging a mannequin away to his bed.

A Tennessee man has been arrested after police say they found him in bed with a mannequin he allegedly stole from a lingerie store.

Police were called to the Hustler Hollywood store in Nashville after midnight Monday, where an employee claimed a drunk man--identified by police as Christopher Wade--had dragged away one of the window mannequins.

The employee, who said the suspect left one of the mannequin's arms behind in the store, ran out to stop the suspect but was unable to keep him from tossing it into the bed of his pickup and speeding away.

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The employee, identified in an arrest affidavit as Anitra Bracken, was able to describe the suspect to cops. She was also able to provide them with a license plate number.

That license number led police to the home of Donna Batson, according to police. Batson allowed the officers into the home, where they found Wade in bed, according to the affidavit.

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And next to him was a one-armed mannequin matching the description of the one stolen from Hustler, police say.

According to the affidavit, the mannequin was still in the clothes Bracken said it was wearing at the time of the theft: a black wig, a pink dress, and a pair of sparkly high heeled shoes.

Wade, who police say had an active arrest warrant, was taken into custody on suspicion of theft of $500 or less.

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