The Bride Wore 2-Ply: Can You Believe This Wedding Dress Is Made Out of Toilet Paper?

Designer Van Tran took home the top prize at the annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest.

Some brides opt for lace, others for silk – but how about toilet paper?

Designer Van Tran, from Brooklyn, New York, used 10 rolls of Charmin Extra to craft an elegant floor-length gown.

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The dress took first place, worth $10,000, at the 12th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest presented by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin in New York City last month.

Tran's gown, which comes with a toilet paper shawl, is held together by duct tape. Contestants were only allowed to use toilet paper, tape, glue and a needle and thread.

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A model who tried on Tran's creation was impressed.

"It just feels like a regular dress,” she told Inside Edition. “It's exciting. It makes me feel like a real bride."

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