Knock, Knock! Stephen Curry Poses as a Girl Scout to Surprise Basketball Campers

Stephen Curry surprises basketball campers by impersonating a Girl Scout and a pizza delivery man.

Golden State Warriors star and NBA MVP Stephen Curry surprised some very lucky basketball campers after impersonating a Girl Scout.

The team posted a video of Curry knocking on doors and shouting, “I’m selling Girl Scout cookies!” One young basketball camper opening the door was so stunned that he fell to the floor.

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Curry got in a few chuckles as he helped the boy to his feet.

The video continues with Curry knocking on another door but this time posing as a pizza delivery man.

He was greeted by three campers who jumped up and down, screaming, with huge smiles on their faces.

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Curry joined the girls and began hysterically screaming along with them as soon as they opened the door. One of the girls stood in front of him with her mouth agape, stunned by the NBA superstar’s presence.

While Curry didn't bring Girl Scout cookies or pizza, the youngsters will likely never forget the day the hoops all-star knocked on their door.

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