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Lily The Lamb Has Four Baaad Legs, But Lives A Very Full Life

Lily the lamb has two bum legs and her own wheelchair.

Janell Jeansen had a little lamb that no one wanted because of its deformed legs. 

She named it Lily and from day one, and she has tended to her one-member flock as if it was her own child.

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She fed the newborn every hour, first with a syringe, then with a bottle. Now eight months old, Lily weighs a whopping 75 pounds and gets around with the aid of a walker-like device that lets the ewe zip around Jeansen's New Mexico home like you-know-what on wheels.

"She's just the happiest thing," her mom told

She didn't start out that way. She almost didn't get started at all.

She was the runt of a three-lamb litter and was so scrunched in the womb that she came out with four ill-formed front legs. The vet who delivered her was going to put her down.

But first he called Jeansen, his neighbor who lives down the road, knowing she has a soft spot for animals in need.

Bring her on over, Jeansen told the doc. Lily weighed less than two pounds and was very, very weak. But once Jeansen and her husband got a bottle nipple that Lily fancied, the lamb started eating like a horse.

Lily could walk, or rather, bounce, on all fours as little lambs and goats do, but as she got older, and started gaining weight, her mangled legs couldn't support the extra pounds.

Again, the vet suggested euthanizing Lily, but the Jeansens weren't ready for that. Janell went online and began researching devices for maimed animals. She found "walking wheels" on and ordered one for Lily.

She calls it Lily's "wheelchair." 

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"If it hadn't been for that, we'd probably have had to put her down," Janell said. "I can't carry her around anymore."

Though she can tool around the backyard, with the aid of a ramp, Lily is really a house lamb, and likes to hang out with the family's four dogs. "They love her," Janell said. "I think she probably thinks she's a dog."

Her diet, however, is vastly different, featuring grain, fiber pellets, some grass - though she doesn't care much for hay.

She also loves graham crackers and Frosted Mini-Wheats. "Those are her treats," Janell said. Lily also has her own Facebook page, For The Love of Lily, The Lambikin.

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