Pastor Accused of Breaking into Parishioner's Home

Pastor Sandy McGriff was arrested for allegedly stealing fur coats and other items from the home of a parishioner. McGriff says it's a misunderstanding, and she did nothing wrong.  INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.

She's the pastor accused of a callous crime over Christmas.

Police say she actually broke into the home of a parishioner on Christmas Eve and stole two mink coats.  

"They go, ‘Ma'am, we just caught your pastor coming out of your house with two fur coats,' and I was like, ‘Is this a joke?'" alleged victim Serita Agnew tells INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

But Pastor Sandy McGriff insists it's all a big mistake, saying she doesn't need any more fur coats…After all, she already has three.

"This is my fur coat, bought and paid for with my hard-earned money," Pastor McGriff told Megan Alexander, holding up one of the coats.

The pastor, who drives a Jaguar sports car, preaches at a chapel at the back of her husband's furniture store in Dallas, Texas.

But she allegedly resorted to crime when she went to Serita Agnew's home.

According to Dallas police, Agnew's neighbor, who lives across the street, says he saw Sandy McGriff pull her car into the driveway and get out. He then says he saw her break a window and crawl inside. A few minutes later, McGriff walked out the backdoor with Agnew's fur coats, designer purses, and laptop computer. It was then that police arrived and arrested McGriff.

The items, which have since been returned to the owner, are valued by police at over $12,000.

The pastor doesn't deny she climbed in the window and took the property. But she offers this more charitable—some would say far-fetched—explanation.
She says she was just trying to safeguard the items after she saw two suspicious-looking men leaving the house.

She also says the window was already broken when she arrived.

"Why didn't you call police?" Alexander asks her.

"Poor judgment, everything I did, from the point of pulling in her driveway, was a mistake," says McGriff.

The pastor has been charged with burglary.

And her parishioner is still in shock over the minister's fall from grace.

"There is no way that I can believe that she was trying to look out for me," says Agnew. "I just do not believe it."