Drunk Woman Dragged Off Plane After Becoming Unruly Before Takeoff: Cops

Chandler Black, 23, was charged with obstruction and public drunkenness.

Cops were caught on camera dragging a screaming 23-year-old passenger off of a Delta flight in Atlanta after she allegedly became unruly just before takeoff.  

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The passenger, identified as Chandler Black, was charged with obstruction and public drunkenness. Authorities say she was cursing and reportedly hitting other passengers, as well as police.

“I see the cop go of like, boom, just take her down. Then another cop came running by,” passenger Ryan Lu, who shot the video, told Inside Edition.

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“They dropped her right in front of me and once they got to me, they proceeded to drag her off the plane," he said.

In the video, the woman, wearing ripped jeans and a tank top, is heard screaming that cops were stepping on her hair as they carried her across the floor of the plane.

The woman later apologized and said she was not drunk, but having a bad reaction to prescription medication.

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