Trump Uses 'Frozen' Coloring Book to Defend Star Used in Anti-Clinton Ad

Donald Trump will just not let his latest controversy go.

Donald Trump will not let his latest controversy go as he dragged Disney’s Frozen into the mix of the anti-Semitic storm surrounding him.

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Trump pointed out that a Frozen coloring book had a six pointed star on it, similar to the Star of David.

He tweeted: “Where is the outrage for this Disney book? Is this the 'Star of David' also? Dishonest media!”

Where is the outrage for this Disney book? Is this the 'Star of David' also?
Dishonest media! #Frozen

July 7, 2016

Trump even brought his youngest son, Barron, 10, into the skirmish.

The GOP candidate told a crowd in Cincinnati, Ohio Wednesday night: "All of a sudden, it turned out to be — in the minds of the press only, because it could've been a sheriff star or a regular star — my boy comes home from school, Barron, he draws stars all over the place, I never said 'Oh that's a Star of David, Barron'.”

At the rally, the presumptive Republican nominee was defiant, insisting that last weekend's now infamous anti-Hillary Clinton tweet — with the six pointed star against a background of hundred dollar bills was not anti-Semitic.

The star was later changed by a campaign worker to a circle and Trump says that was a mistake.

Crooked Hillary -- Makes History! #ImWithYou #AmericaFirst

July 2, 2016

'You shouldn't have taken it down,’ I said, 'too bad, you should have left it up.' I would have rather defended it,” he told supporters in Ohio.

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Many believe Trump could pick a running mate before the Republican National Convention later this month.

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker says Trump should keep it in the family.

"His best running mate, by the way, would be Ivanka," he told CNN Wednesday.

Appearing on Fox and Friends Thursday, Eric Trump joked that it might not be such a bad idea.

Eric said: "I agree, right? She's got the beautiful looks, right? She's got — she's smart, she's smart, smart, smart. ... She's certainly got my vote."

He then called his sister "amazing."

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