2-Year-Old Prom Queen Given a Night to Remember After Stopping Treatment for Terminal Cancer

Shiann Lockhart, 2, is slowly checking off her bucket list of 73 activities, including going on her first date and traveling the world.

Prom night marks an important transition for every young woman into adulthood, but this prom night might be the last for this Ohio 2-year-old with terminal cancer. 

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Life dealt a an imperfect hand to little Shiann Lockhart of London. She was hospitalized for most of her young life for a variety of health complications, including PTLD lymphoma, a rare cancer that only occurs with transplant patients.

Finally, her parents decided it was more important for her to experience the joys in life, even if her days are limited.

Her mom Cora Lockhart told InsideEdition.com that when they took her home that Mother's Day, the family didn't expect her to make it through the day.

"When she came home she was miserable," Lockhart said, "and now she's smiling and laughing all the time."

Her health rapidly improved as she was taken away from the hospital and surrounded by friends and family, so they started coming up with a bucket list of 73 milestones one might expect to experience in a lifetime  even if that lifetime is shortened for little Shiann.

On the list were ideas as simple as going to a movie theater, or as exceptional as traveling the world, but the highlight of them all was prom.

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On the last Sunday of June, nearly 40 friends and family joined Shiann for a night of fancy dress and dancing.

Shiann stunned the crowd in a beautiful turquoise dress, and even sported a matching corsage, a gift from her father who went as her date.

In addition, members of the community that rapidly grew on Facebook all chipped in to make the night special. Everyone who attended was involved in decorating the venue, a multi-purpose room at their local church.

A DJ donated his time to entertain the party, while a make-up artist volunteered to make sure everyone looked picture perfect. A supporter even paid to have a limo transport Shiann and her family to the venue, and all the catering was donated.

Like any young woman on her prom night, Shiann received the royal treatment. A group of actors donated their time by dressing up as Disney princesses and crowning the 2-year-old prom queen with a crochet crown and a satin sash.

"Everytime we do something, she gets really excited," Lockhart told InsideEdition.com. "She has fun doing it, but she doesn't realize what it's for."

With their upcoming plans for a family vacation to Myrtle Beach for her 3rd birthday in late September, it's easy to forget that she was born with multiple birth defects and underwent her first heart transplant when she was only 5 weeks old.

"We forget about it," Lockhart said. "We're so busy having fun that it almost feels not real."

Since bringing her home, the Lockharts have been using every moment of her good health to help her experience all the fun activites on the bucket list.

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For her first trip to the movies, the theater donated a private screening of 'Finding Dory' to her and her friends.

To travel the world, the ever-growing list of supporters on her Facebook page have been taking pictures and putting her image next to far away landmarks.

For her first date, her grandfather showed up at her front door with a bouquet of roses to escort her to dinner.

The Lockharts even have plans for Shiann to put on her mom's wedding dress, and be walked down the aisle by her dad later this summer.

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