Homeless Man With Golden Voice May Get a Second Chance

Ted Williams was homeless just two days ago when video of his golden voice went viral. Now, job offers are pouring in from around the world. INSIDE EDITION talks to the grateful man who is getting a second chance.  

It's a golden voice that yesterday belonged to a homeless man on a highway, and today belongs to a man with worldwide acclaim and a limitless future.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent was there as one radio caller said, "Ted, would you like to come to Hollywood?"

"I certainly would," replied Williams.

For years, Ted Williams called an off-ramp in Columbus, Ohio home. He would sleep in the bushes right next to the off-ramp.

Ted would ask motorists for money in his amazing voice, and when the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper recorded that voice, the world was astounded.

In less time than it takes Ted Williams to clear his throat, he went from down and dirty, to clean-shaven and smooth as silk behind the microphone at a local radio show.

"You're listening to the Dave and Jimmy show," said Williams at the radio mic.

Trent points out the room full of press in the radio studio and said,  "Look at all this press!"

"I've never dreamed of anything like this," said Williams.

"This is your big break," said Trent.

"Yes, it is!" replied and excited Williams.

Williams was homeless for 14 years. He's battled drugs and alcohol, but says he's been clean for more than two years. He's eager to turn his voice into a ticket to the top.

Williams said, "I've been characterized as Susan Boyle."

Everybody knows how Susan Boyle's stunning voice wowed the world and propelled her from total obscurity to superstardom.

The same thing is happening to Ted Williams. It's such an amazing story that Howard Stern has doubts about it, saying on his own radio show, "Why would this guy be homeless with a delivery like this? It's a hoax."

Ted was disappointed to hear that, saying, "Oh, Howard! And I love you, Howard! Howard rules as far as I'm concerned!"

Right now, Ted Williams rules, and INSIDE EDITION about to help him.

Trent said, "We want to bring you to New York to do some voice-overs for INSIDE EDITION."

"Oh, man!" replied and excited Williams.