iPhone Nearly Becomes a Snack for Hungry Alligator: 'No! Don't Eat It!'

The reptile appears to be daring the iPhone's owner to come down and get it.

One dad found himself in quite a predicament at a Florida nature preserve after he dropped his iPhone, which landed in front of a hungry alligator.

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Laciey D’Agostino, 21, and her boyfriend, Anthony Larrimore, 24, were taking photos of the 8-foot alligator at Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve in Fort Meyers when Larrimore dropped the phone.

While going after the phone was clearly not worth the risk, it contained photos of the couple’s 10-month-old child, which would be lost if the phone wound up as gator food.

“Our son is 10 months now, we do have some of the [photos] backed up onto the iCloud but not the most recent ones,” Larrimore said.

The gator noticed what fell in and tried to bite it. As they waited patiently, a crowd gathered and people began filming the event.

“No! Don’t eat it!” the couple screamed as the gator tried to make the phone its afternoon snack.

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“We were just sitting there upset,” he told Inside Edition. “I look for a really large stick and I ended up being able to touch the phone and that is when the gator started to make a charge toward the phone. It was almost like he was saying it was his and we were not going to get it back.”

An entire hour passed before the gator gave up and Larrimore was able to reach for the phone.

While they were able to get the phone back, it wouldn't turn on.

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