Husband Gifts 500 Roses to Wife During Her Final Round of Chemo for Breast Cancer

He enlisted the help of family and friends, who bought roses for $10. In the end, they were able to raise more than $4,500 for breast cancer research.

After this Nebraska woman's last round of chemotherapy, her husband surprised her with 500 roses —in an incredible gesture caught on camera.

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Alissa Bousquet from Oakland received the heartbreaking news that she had breast cancer during a routine mammogram in December.

"They caught it early, thankfully," Bousquet told

She underwent four painful months of chemotherapy, and expected a little celebration after her last round two weeks ago.

But she received the shock of her life when, in the middle of her final round of chemo, her four best friends paraded into the Omaha hospital an hour away from their hometown with 500 roses, a gesture orchestrated by her husband.

"I was shocked," she said.

"She has amazed me with her strength, courage, and positive attitude through it all," her husband Brad Bousquet wrote in a Facebook post. "I wanted to do something special during this last treatment to celebrate the end of her chemo and to show her the tremendous love and support she has from her friends and family."

And, to share the joy, the group handed out bouquets of roses to every patient receiving chemotherapy that day.

"There was a lot of sick people in that chemo room, and it really lifted everybody's spirits for the day," she said.

They attached a note to each bouquet with a picture of themselves and their four children, and an explanation of why the roses were special.

But, more importantly, the proceeds from each rose gifted to Alissa Bousquet that day were donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

According to the Facebook post, Brad Bousquet invited friends and family to send a rose to his wife for her final treatment. Each rose would cost $10, and proceeds would go to breast cancer research.

More than 170 families, all of whom knew the Bousquets personally, ended up buying roses for the cause, raising over $4,500.

He wrote that they could have easily exceeded 500 roses, but instead asked for further donations to go straight to the foundation.

"Our community is really good," she said. "This little town has been amazing."

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Alissa Bousquet told that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was especially important to her husband because at the time of her diagnosis, he was able to turn to the foundation for answers and comfort.

Alissa Bousquet still has four more surgeries to go, including a double mastectomy later this month, but the celebration for a good cause and the support from her community was just what she needed to get through the difficult times.

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