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Little Girl Goes to Police Station to Thank a Cop As Departments Stand in Solidarity With Dallas

In light of the Dallas attacks, little Sadie wanted cops at Mesa Police Department in Arizona to know that they are loved.

After 12 officers were shot in Dallas -- five fatally -- one little girl wanted her local department to know just how much they were appreciated.

So Sadie Gonzalez took a trip to the Mesa Police Department in Arizona, armed with a bunch of flowers and a "Thank You!" card.

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The department's Facebook page shared a snap of the sweet moment Sadie and her dad, Robert Gonzalez, met Police Chief John Meza on Friday.

"Based on the events happening around the country, Sadie wanted to bring us flowers and a thank you card," the department said. "Just so happens Chief Meza was here to meet her and take the flowers. We truly appreciate the support of our community from the youngest to the oldest."

It was the first time the officers had met the family, and they were impressed by the child's gesture.

"It was genuine," Steve Berry, media relations detective, told "There was no agenda, nothing. It was just a little girl saying thanks."

"You forget sometimes the innocence of a child," he continued. "She doesn't understand the whole picture. I'm sure that her understanding is just that something bad happened and, to her, this was a way to make it better."

After the girl, who is believed to be 4, handed over the gifts to the police department, they gave her some to take home, too -- police department pencils and a coin from the chief.

"Me and my daughter don't have the ability to change the world," her dad later wrote on Facebook. "But as a father I have the ability to change my daughters views and explain things to her. All lives matter!!!"

Other Mesa residents have also been showing their support, Berry said. One resident came across a police car on Friday and left a voucher for coffee on the window.

The gestures help, Berry said. "Obviously we are not Dallas and we are not morning loss like they are -- but we are."

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Sadie isn't the only one standing in solidarity with Dallas. Across the country, other police departments have been showing their support.

Lee County Sheriff's Office in Florida shared a photo showing four officers on the beach holding signs reading: "We stand with Dallas."

In Amarillo, Texas, a group of people gathered outside the police department, hand in hand, to pray in remembrance of the officers in Dallas.

In Fort Smith, Arkansas, police also bowed their heads in prayer.



July 8, 2016


We support you Dallas @DallasPD @dartmedia #FCPDStandsWithYou #DallasStrong

July 8, 2016


In Dallas, the Northeast Division Neighborhood Police Unit has been receiving well-wishes from nearby residents. Photos showed notes, cakes and flowers left at the department in a show of support for its officers.

The outpouring comes after five officers, including one transit officer, were shot dead after the gunman opened fire during peaceful protests in downtown Dallas on Thursday night. He was later killed when police detonated an explosive device.

The attacks came as rallies were underway in the aftermath of two fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota this week.

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