Kansas Cop Fired After Bizarre Facebook Threat to Black Dallas Stranger's Daughter: Reports | Inside Edition

Kansas Cop Fired After Bizarre Facebook Threat to Black Dallas Stranger's Daughter: Reports

An Overland Park, Kansas threatened the safety of a black Dallas woman's 5-year-old daughter in a post written after five officers were killed.

A Kansas police officer has been fired after his superiors say he posted a bizarre and apparently threatening message on the photo of a black Texas woman's young daughter in the wake of Thursday's sniper killing of five Dallas cops.

The officer from the Overland Park Police Department used his personal account to send an ominous message to LaNaydra Williams' Facebook page beneath a public photo of her 5-year-old daughter just after the Dallas attack.

“We’ll see how much her life matters soon,” read the message, which was written on a years old photo of Williams' daughter, India. “Better be careful leaving your info open where she can be found :) Hold her close tonight it’ll be the last time.”

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The message is made even more bizarre by Williams' claim to have no connections to Kansas or the officer whatsoever.

Fearing for her child's safety, Williams snapped a photo of the post before it was taken down.

“I had no clue who this guy was,” Williams told the Kansas City Star. “I was angry, and then I was scared."

As news spread of the post, the Overland Park Chief of Police Francis Donchez Jr. quickly caught wind of it Friday.

“I immediately initiated an investigation into the officer’s actions and requested it be completed in a timely manner,” Donchez said in a statement.

Donchez said the investigation soon determined that a member of his department was, in fact, behind the post.

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"It was obvious that our officer did not meet the standards of professionalism for the Overland Park Police Department. Overland Park has terminated the officer, effective immediately," the Overland Park PD release said.

Williams said Donchez called her to personally apologize for the actions of his ex employee, who neither he nor the Kansas City Star chose to name.

The chief also issued an apology to the public.

"I want to publicly apologize to those affected by our officer’s personal actions. His actions do not represent the Overland Park Police Department in anyway and no one should be subjected to any type of discrimination or this kind of behavior,” the Donchez said.

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