Murdered Former White House Aide Seems Disoriented on Surveillance Video

Surveillance footage shows former White House aide John Wheeler, 66, apparently disoriented as he tried to find his car in the wrong parking lot days prior to his death. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Murdered former White House aide John Wheeler III was caught on camera staggering into a parking garage.

Surveillance video shows the 66-year-old advisor to three Republican presidents looking disoriented and disheveled, and he's carrying one of his own shoes.

"All he kept saying to me was he wasn't drunk, he wasn't drunk. He said that his ticket was inside his briefcase, [but then] we asked where his briefcase was and he said the briefcase was stolen," says parking lot attendant Iman Goldsborough.

She says she tried to help Wheeler.

"We asked him if he needed money or anything, he said he didn't need any money. He said he had plenty of money," she tells INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

Wheeler was staggering around the parking garage for 20 minutes before he finally left.

He was not wearing a coat although it was freezing outside.

Wheeler was caught on camera at the county courthouse parking lot in Wilmington, Delaware. He never did find his car because he wasn't even parked there. He had left his car in his usual spot, which he leased monthly at a parking garage several blocks away. It was still there when his body was discovered on New Year's Day.

Wheeler's body was found in a landfill near Wilmington, apparently left there by a garbage truck. Police have not disclosed the cause of death.

"I wish I would've called the cops or something, maybe he would still be here," Goldsborough tells INSIDE EDITION.

In another twist, a published report says police have evidence linking Wheeler to an attempted arson at a neighbor's home in Delaware.

Wheeler had complained that the house under construction was blocking his view.

He is best known as the driving force behind construction of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Now he's at the center of a baffling mystery.

An attorney for the couple with whom he had the building dispute says he doubts that has anything to do with Wheeler's death.