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Dog Spends Days Staring at Wall in Shelter Where He Was Abandoned

Officials speculate the Chow Chow was left at the Los Angeles animal shelter due to his health conditions, which are all treatable.

This broken hearted Chow Chow has learned to love again after he was surrendered to a local animal shelter, and spent days staring despondently at the wall.

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Oso was abandoned at the Downey Animal Care Center earlier this month, Maria Rosales of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control told

Although owners never said why they were leaving their 8-year-old dog at the shelter, officials believed his treatable skin problems may have been too much for the family to handle, The Dodo reported.

Since arriving at the shelter, Oso was seen staring at the wall while trembling.

"He is in a completely new environment with lots of loud noises and people he doesn't know," Rosales said.

She said the shelter has been home to other dogs with similar shyness issues that have since warmed up, and hope this will be the case for Oso as well.

"He's warmed up a bit during these last few days, although he is timid," she said.

Oso has since left the corner of the shelter, where he had been facing the wall, and has started playing outdoors, but the best medicine for the 8-year-old dog is a loving family to adopt him.

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The department is currently working with no-kill rescues that take in special needs animals, but hopes to instead find a forever home for the heartbroken dog. 

To find out more about adopting Oso, visit the Downey Animal Care Center.

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