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Pokemon Go: Inside the Smart Phone Craze That's Taking America by Storm

It's the new national obsession that everyone is talking about.

Pokémon Go has quickly become a new international obsession for smart phone users looking to "catch 'em all."

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Since it launched last week, people around the world are taking to the streets looking for the little animated critters that are not even real.

The new Pokémon Go app on your phone or mobile device uses a mapping feature, like Google Maps, to track your whereabouts. As you move around, Pokemon characters pop up along the way and you try to collect as many as you can.

The goal of the game is to collect as many characters as possible. The player then uses the captured characters to wage war against other players.

But one feature of the game, called a "lure," is causing some law enforcement concerns.

It's supposed to bring these virtual critters to your exact location. Unfortunately, somebody with evil intent can also use a lure to draw a person into a trap.

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Cops say three men used the game to lure players to a secluded parking lot in Missouri where they were robbed at gunpoint.

Internet safety expert Katie Greer told Inside Edition: "Be with someone else, don't go out by yourself. Definitely safety in numbers, if you can be with more than one person that will help."

She added: "Pay attention when using these things — walking off a sidewalk, walking into traffic. I have read stories where these things have happened." 

Safety concerns have prompted Nintendo, the creator of Pokémon Go, to issue a warning: "We encourage all people playing Pokémon go to be aware of their surroundings and to play with friends when going to new or unfamiliar places."

But parenting experts are praising the game for getting kids off the couch and into the great outdoors.

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