Boy Who Missed Pre-K Graduation for Transplant Gets Surprise Ceremony in Hospital

Lucas St. Onge has been practicing singing songs and walking across the stage for weeks, but he's been waiting for a transplant for even longer.

While getting a transplant was great news for this Massachusetts boy, he was sad to learn he'd be missing his pre-K graduation.

So when Lucas St. Onge's teachers found out he'd be missing the ceremony for surgery, they brought the graduation to him.

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For weeks, Lucas had been practicing singing songs and walking across the stage to prepare for his May graduation. But he's been waiting for a transplant for even longer.

His mom Heather St. Onge told that she has known Lucas would have health problems since he was still in the womb, but never did she expect that her son would become the only child in the world with short bowel syndrome and severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome. 

At just 3 years old, Lucas was placed on the transplant list.

"Quite simply, he is a little miracle," read a statement on a crowdfunding campaign in support of the family.

On Lucas' 5th birthday, the news came that a donor became available and the boy would be scheduled to undergo a mulivisceral organ transplant surgery.

The St. Onge family was ecstatic, but Lucas was less excited to hear that as he was receiving a stomach, pancreas, small intestine, a spleen and liver, he would have to miss his pre-K graduation.

"The morning after he had a transplant, he said, 'Mom, I can't go to school today, my belly hurts,'" his mom Heather St. Onge said. "Then he woke up and said, 'I have to go to school tomorrow, I have to go to my graduation."

So she contacted his teacher, Laurie Archambault, and asked if she and Lucas could Facetime them at the graduation, and at least be able to see what was going on as the boy recovered in his hospital bed.

Instead, "Miss Laurie" from the Hellenic American Academy decided her student deserved better. After the ceremony, she and several other teachers paid Lucas a special visit in his hospital room to give the boy his own graduation.

St. Onge said the hospital donated balloons and a sign, and she dressed her son in a suit and tie. The teachers brought his graduation hat and diploma, and cheered as Miss. Laurie called his name.

"He was excited that his teachers were there," St. Onge said. "It was perfect."

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They spent the rest of the afternoon taking pictures in the park, and singing the songs Lucas had prepared for the big day.

Now, after the transplant, Lucas is spending the rest of his summer vacation recovering until he begins Kindergarten in the fall, even though Lucas would much rather spend his time at school. 

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