Adorable 2-Year-Old Girl Wants to Play Inside a Dumpster, Won't Take No For an Answer

Even when her mom explained that people don't belong in dumpsters, little Olivia insisted she will be inside the 'garbage wagon' one day.

Every little girl has aspirations for the future, whether they are saving the rainforests, traveling the world, or exploring outer space.

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But 2-year-old Olivia Kraus of New York has her heart set on one thing only.

"When I get older, I will go in the dumpster," she insisted as she and her mom took a walk in their New Rochelle neighborhood, passing by a dumpster in a neighbor's driveway.

"She says things all the time that are kind of out there," her mom Julie Kraus told "She's extremely curious about things so it really didn't surprise me that much."

Despite having explained to her daughter that people don't go inside a dumpster, Olivia insisted, "Yes, when I'm older!"

Her persistence on wanting to go into the "garbage wagon" eventually progressed into a temper tantrum, complete with stomping and squealing. Her mom captured it on video.

"I told her people don't go in the garbage, only garbage and dirty things go in the garbage," her mom told

Eventually, the girl settled down when her mom suggested they revisit the topic when she gets older.

"Maybe she thinks that's another fun place to play," Kraus said. "Maybe she thinks there are slides inside."

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Finally, when she asked Olivia why she wanted to play in the dumpster, the little girl told, "There are bugs in the dumpster."

Now, whenever Kraus and her daughter revisit the topic, Olivia insists, "now, I'm older and I can go in."

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